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Is Your Fat Belly Keeping You Sane?

Cranberry Kale juice


I found a cranberry-kale smoothie on Pintrest that sounded tasty. It wasn’t. All the fiber from the cranberries and the kale made the smoothie almost crunchy. I still thought it was a good idea so, I tried making it as a juice instead. I ran 3 cups of chopped kale, 1 cup of cranberries, 1/2 an orange, 1 lemon, 1 inch of ginger, and  1 inch of tumeric through the juicer. It was delicious. Really strong, but delicious. My whole body feels zingy this morning.  This might become a regular when we are doing a juice cleanse.


Kale infographic

Chai Peanut Butter

I love Big Spoon Roaster’s Chai spice peanut butter.  They put clover honey in their butter and I am trying to stay away from sugar so, I tried to come up with my own version. It came out great so I thought I would share. The spices make you not miss the honey. This peanut butter is good on toast or apple slices. Next time, I might try it with almonds or cashews instead of peanuts. 


Chai Peanut Butter

2 C. unsalted, roasted peanuts
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. freshly ground nutmeg
1/2 tsp. ground cardamon
1/4 tsp. salt
3 tsp. veg. oil

Combine all the ingredients in a food processor and run until you are happy with the smoothness. Put in a jar and keep in the refrigerator.


New plan – low carb


Since the Bon Appetit Food Lover’s Cleanse didn’t work out for my family, I need to come up with a plan B. I will make meals with grains and red meat that the rest of the family can eat and I will eat what I want to eat – low/no carb, low dairy, no red meat, high greens. To get me off to a good start, I went to our local farmers market on Saturday and picked up a ton of kale, greens, and bok choy. I am very lucky to live in the South where our farmers have great produce to sell all year round.

Day 1 –

Breakfast – 1/2 cup of 0% greek yogurt with spicy crumble and 1/4 cup of blueberries. 1/2 pot of coffee.
Lunch – Leftover roasted chicken and a clementine
Snack – piece of cheese and two handfuls of Apple Cinnamon Chex (total fail there)
Dinner – 1/2 acorn squash, three spoonfuls of ice cream

Well, that didn’t go very well, did it? I think I need to plan for afternoon snack time better so I am not so ravenous. Also, I was feeling depressed mid-afternoon so that contributed to the carb eating. I was feeling good after I went to water aerobics but by mid-afternoon, i was feeling tired and depressed. That feeling didn’t really lift, even after the snacking.

Cleanse Fail

My little family put their foot down last night and refused to continue the Bon Appetit Food Lover’s Cleanse. I was putting the shopping list for the next few days and they didn’t like any of the planned meals. Well, that’s that. I didn’t put a big fight because I had gained two pounds on the cleanse.

I think I will try going back on Atkins for a while and try to lose a few pounds.

Bon Appetit Cleanse – Day 8

Breakfast – I had a busy morning so I didn’t have time to make steel cut oats with berries. I had another banana almond smoothie with a tablespoon of flax meal in it. It was very good and you barely tasted the flax meal at all. Unfortunately, I also had two gluten-free cookies and a latte at my meeting. The hostess had gone out of her way to make me gluten-free cookies. I thought it would be rude not to at least try a few. 

Lunch – I did not have a lunch of any sort. I was feeling bad about the cookies from the morning.

Snack – I ate a cold piece of leftover salmon with the green tahini sauce. It was good.


Dinner – The roasted tofu with red pepper sauce and bulgur salad with cauliflower was delicious. We were vegetarians for a while (before I realized I was allergic to wheat) so we have eaten a lot of tofu over the years. This was a wonderful preparation. I made a second batch of the red pepper sauce to get us through the second week of the cleanse and it was even better. I used a jar of Mount Olive roasted red peppers instead of roasting my own so the consistency was much smoother a bit less smokey. Instead of bulgur, I used quinoa in the salad. The combination of cauliflower, grains, and pistachios in the lemony dressing was very nice. I think this side would work well with roasted chicken too.

How I’m feeling – Guilty for eating those cookies but good about the rest of the day. Overall, ok.

Bon Appetit Cleanse – Day 7

Today went pretty well although I did eat a handful of salt and vinegar chips mid-afternoon. They were there next to my daughter on the couch and I couldn’t resist.

Breakfast – the banana almond smoothie was delicious if not that sustaining. The almond butter gave the smoothie nice body but, like with so many smoothies, I was hungry long before lunchtime. I will make this breakfast again but will probably add some flax seed meal to give it some staying power.

Snack – I tried the avocado smoothie snack slated for tomorrow. It is basically an avocado, lime juice,  and coconut water. I like the idea of this snack but the consistency was a little weird. I might play with this recipe in the future because it was very satisfying.

Lunch – The chicken, mango and rice salad was delicious. I don’t usually put rice in a salad but this worked well. In the future, I think you could adjust this recipe to use whatever you have in the fridge. It would be good with melon instead of mango or without the meat.


Dinner – We were unimpressed with the albacore brochettes. We like tuna in this house but this was kind of boring. If I were to make this recipe again, I would grill the tuna then serve it with the green tahini sauce on the side. The carrots on the other hand, was delicious. We all liked the spiced sauce. It was low fat and bright.

How I’m feeling – Tired, hungry, grumpy.

Bon Appetit Cleanse – Day 6

Breakfast – School was delayed due to the cold snap that has taken over the country so no quinoa oatmeal for me today. I had a mushroom omelet with my daughter before she went to school. It was good.

Lunch – The plan was to have squash and mustard green salad but pickled onions really didn’t appeal to me today. I modified the salad by sautéing mustard greens with garlic and anchovies, then added in some of the lentil pilaf from last night. It was a bowl of salty goodness. Anchovies are awesome!


Dinner -We liked the lemongrass chicken, black rice, and garlicky bok choy.  This a meal very much like dinners I cook on a regular basis. It was easy and quick to prepare and very tasty.

How I am feeling – I felt satisfied with what I was eating today. I was hungry between meals but not starving. The volume of greens I ate today and the addition of protein sustained me. My mood is better today too.

Bon Appetit Cleanse – Day 5

Breakfast – I didn’t read ahead enough to make the orange muesli last night so, I was out of luck on that project. I read ahead a few days and made the banana smoothie slated for  Wednesday; it was quite good if not that filling.

Lunch – the plan suggests a lunch of sardines on rye toasts. I can’t eat bread so sardines alone sounded sad. I had some of the escarole salad from a few nights ago and a piece of the roasted chicken left over. I chopped those up together and put them in the microwave for a minute. It was a nice warm salad. I was hungry mid-afternoon so I had a tangerine and then an apple with almond butter. I recommend Big Spoon Roaster’s Chai butter.

Dinner – The roasted butternut squash, green lentil pilaf, and kale were not a big hit on our house. We eat butternut squash on a regular basis and this preparation was a bit boring. My husband and daughter did not like the lentil and brown rice pilaf at all so I have a ton left over. I thought it was blah. I missed a smoky element like bacon. It is hard to make lentils exciting. The kale on the other hand was fine. We love kale in this house, so that was the one thing that everyone ate a ton of. 

How I’m feeling – run down and hungry. I am beginning to get frustrated with the complicated recipes in the plan. I bought ingredients from the master shopping list that are starting to go bad in the fridge and I have no idea when I am going to use them. Overall, I am super grumpy and want some ice cream.

Bon Appetit Cleanse – Day 4


Breakfast: I could have sworn that I had some of Bob’s Red Mill multigrain cereal in the cabinet but, alas, I did not and was not about to get dressed and go buy some before breakfast. Steel cut oats with the nutty sprinkle and blueberries worked fine. I added coconut milk instead of my usual whole milk and did not miss the dairy at all. I also used blueberries instead of pomegranate seeds simply because I don’t like seeds in my cereal (see commentary on blackberries from a few days ago).

Lunch: The steak and arugula salad was satisfying but unexciting. It was very much like something I made on a regular basis when I was sticking to Atkins. It was tasty but forgettable.

Dinner: Rather than making the mackerel with scallions and lemon, I substituted in roasted salmon with scallions. My husband refuses to eat mackerel although I love it. The beet salad was delicious – bright and satisfying. I feel it was a testament to the good planning behind this cleanse that my husband commented that he didn’t miss a grain on the plate or a heavy dessert.

How I’m feeling: The food is tasty but I am feeling a bit tired of all the work in the kitchen. I don’t feel particularly health or thinner. I’ll stick with it though and see how I feel mid-week.

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